Many of you may remember my dad, Bob Fine, who owned the original Livingston Pharmacy. I started working there at the age of 13 wrapping gifts but liked the pharmacy so much that I went to University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy after high school graduation. Working for my dad enabled me to sharpen my reflexes as he would blindly throw a patient’s Rx bottle from a step above behind the pharmacy counter with a simple “heads up” called out. We also served our patients and customers homemade chocolate chip cookies throughout the holiday season. I would literally bake thousands of cookies in December. I still love to bake to this day. 

I worked with my dad until 1999 when he sold the business to CVS and retired to Florida with my mom Judy. I tried working for CVS for a while but chain pharmacy life was not for me. I moved on to work at Medco doing mail order pharmacy for four years. Then I found my new career path as a Home Infusion pharmacist. Home infusion provides IV medications for patients and/or their caregivers to administer at home allowing patients to lead normal lives instead of extended stays in the hospital. We provide antibiotics hydration (total parenteral nutrition) and lots of specialty drugs.

Home Infusion still allows me to work directly with patients while also putting my clinical skills to use. 

Back to my dad…He was a member of a pharmacy fraternity, Alpha Zeta Omega. I joined the chapter at UConn and am still active to this day. During college, I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the National Undergraduate Achievement Award. I held all offices in college and then when I returned to New Jersey, I joined the local chapter and moved through the ranks there too. The next step was the national chapter.  Again, I moved through all the offices and was the national president 1991-1992. The fraternity has also afforded me many opportunities to travel to conventions and make lifelong friends all over the country.

I love to travel. After I graduated from UConn, I backpacked through most of Europe for ten weeks.   Experience of a lifetime!  I’ve seen most of the National Parks in the US, been to Mexico, Canada and several Caribbean Islands. I was lucky enough to get to Israel during college on a Jewish youth leadership tour.

In 2007 I adopted two kitties and named them Smokey and Bandit. I lost Bandit in 2021 to cancer and I just lost Smokey last August. I lasted one whole week without a fur baby in the house and then rescued another set of siblings, Sunshine and Shadow. They just turned one year old and keep me on my toes.       

On a personal level, I did not marry or have any kids, but I became “Aunt” Shari to many.  My sister Amy (LHS ’79) married Eddie Deresky (LHS’ 76) and they welcomed my nephew Tyler in 1992. Tyler played hockey. He started locally and then went on to play travel hockey, then Division One at Bentley University and then professionally for a couple of years. To say I was his number ONE fan would not be an exaggeration. I was able to see him play in Lincoln, Nebraska, Des Moine, Iowa, Amarillo and Fresno in Texas where he won a national championship with his Junior team.  When he got to college, there were many weekends spent in Boston and the surrounding area. I was also able to see him play Army at Westpoint and Air Force in Colorado Springs. I made it to one professional game in Florida when he played for the Atlanta Gladiators. Amy and Eddie now live in Clarksville, Tennessee and Tyler is married to Camille and they have a son, Remi. They reside in Nashville.  So, there have been lots of trips to Tennessee. Camille just fulfilled her lifelong dream of running the Boston Marathon. Remi just turned 1 year old in January. Tyler works in finance at Vanderbilt Hospital and Camille is a nurse there.

I live in Ocean Township in New Jersey now. I was relocated “down the shore” for a job back in 2007.  I love it here. I still get to Livingston quite often as I still have friends in town, including my best friend Beth. Her two girls, my “nieces” Jessica and Julie attended LHS. It’s amazing how much the high school and the town have changed since we graduated.

I’m looking forward to retirement in a couple of years and will start cutting back to four days per week this summer as my first step. Not sure yet what I will do when I fully retire but am open to new adventures.

If anyone would like to reach out, I’m at

I would like to thank Michael Hauser for his support and encouragement in writing this article.  We all owe him a thanks for all the work he does for our class. I truly enjoy reading these articles about my other classmates.