If you ask Scott Lampe about what he loves about living in San Diego, he’s most likely going to tell you about the fact that he owns very few long-legged pants. Doesn’t need them.  He is mostly found in shorts and boat shoes.  

His journey started in California when he was young.  His “Welcome to Livingston” sign was hung when he joined his mother and stepfamily and then started the ninth grade at Mount Pleasant Jr. High School. Wander back to a discussion about LHS, and Scott will quickly mention Mr. Hill and Ms. Culviner as his favorite teachers.  His college years at George Washington University were rewarding where he majored in Radio, Television and Film and participated in fraternity life.  The summers included California with his father and a job cleaning the exterior of boats.  It was from that where he launched a long 40-year career in the boat business, which as Scott says, started by scraping the bottoms of boats.  Not too long after, Scott launched (no pun intended) a business brokering the sale of boats around the globe from Europe to Panama.  

But while Scott was busy cleaning the bottom and exteriors of boats, someone was busy inside cleaning them.  And that someone was Janette who had her own business when she and Scott crossed paths in 1984 and then married in 1987.  They make their home in a historic section of San Diego in an area he describes as having more of an east coast vibe than the traditional neighborhoods in the city.  And it was there they raised their daughters and Scott acknowledges that they are his greatest accomplishment and describes them as thriving, unique individuals In their own right.  

Sydney, lives with her college sweetheart husband David in New York City.  Her first career was in television news where she achieved an Emmy Award Producing a morning show news segment.  Nowadays, she manages travel arrangements for sports teams across the country.  Madison, the middle daughter, is an “everyday hero” having been saving lives almost her entire life.  She has been a San Diego lifeguard, an EMT and now working for Kaiser, a large hospital operator, as an emergency room technician.  The youngest, Maili, is in Los Angeles overseeing a network of meetings and conferences for Physicians pursuing their continuing education requirements. 

The boat business doesn’t keep Scott tied down in San Diego.  His business sometimes drags him to his “happy place” – Hawaii.  His family has made the islands their go to spot for vacations.  Also, as a tribute to his father Joseph, he travels to Syracuse University twice a year to serve on the Advisory Board of the Hendricks Chapel.  His father served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Syracuse University and was a Life Trustee at the time of his passing in 2018.  Both of Scott’s parents and two of his daughters studied at SU. 

Scott’s mother Marcia Liss is currently living in Maplewood after having previously lived in Florida and California.  Some may remember the Liss family from Livingston – they owned and operated Center Pharmacy – and Scott is close to his three stepsiblings, Andy, Susan and Jeffrey.  Scott has also remained friends with LHS classmates Danny Blum, Gary Weisman and David Katz. 

These days, like many of us, Scott and Janette have an eye towards more travel, less clients, longer vacations, and shorter work weeks.  Janette has also been working for Kaiser as their in-house meeting and event planner.  They do not have definitive plans but as Scott says, that light at the end of the tunnel has gotten a bit brighter with each passing year.  And like all of us, he looks forward to those years with friends and family.  And if you are ever in San Diego, he invites you to come visit, and promises you an enjoyable boat ride! 


For more information about Scott’s business, visit Home Big Bay Yachts San Diego, CA (619) 222-1124

For more information about the Hendricks Chapel, visit Hendricks Chapel Home – Hendricks Chapel – Syracuse University