If you know Lynn Nagin Wolfson, then you know that she is not one to let a challenge of any kind get in her way.  She has lived life to the fullest – family, travel, career, interests and advocacy are all part of Lynn’s lifelong commitment to not let a rare genetic disease known as Hirschsprung’s Disease limit her in any way.  This disorder from birth, which affects Lynn’s intestinal system, requires many alterations to a typical day to day existence.  Lynn has also weathered many medical challenges. 

Lynn has been advocating for legislation which would require public restroom facilities to be better equipped to accommodate individuals with digestive diseases.  Enhanced facilities such as hooks and shelves and sink facilities all within a toilet stall are part of the list of improvements being sought.  She has traveled throughout many local and state areas promoting this legislation, known as Lynn’s Law and has expanded her work to include Washington, D.C to lobby leadership and speak to representative organizations.  She serves as president of The Ostomy and Feeding Supply Bank, which initially started as a local organization and now has a national presence, as well as a virtual international reach.  The organization provides a clearing house for excess supplies and donates them to the uninsured, homeless, destitute and emergency situations which include emergency shelters.  A simple internet search on Lynn will demonstrate all of the important activities where she has invested her time and talents, and many articles in various publications about her work. 

Lynn lives in Florida with her husband Eli of 37 years (2023). They have two daughters.  Jill is a Biomedical Engineer working for Stryker and is married to Dr. Eric Jacobson, a CVS Pharmacist. They have three children – Jeremy Hillel, Avi Reuven and Hannah Aviva. Their second daughter is Sharon, a Pediatric Gastroenterologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  The family is well traveled having visited and explored the far corners of the globe.