I’ve had many different roles in a handful of different companies and I have a beautiful family, but maybe I should start at the beginning…

I met Esther, the woman who would become my wife, the first night after moving into my dorm freshman year before school started. We began dating about a month later and got married a week after graduating in 1981. A month later we moved to Miami for grad school. Two years later, with two degrees in Biomedical Engineering, I walked away from a PhD program, moved to Boston and got a job designing medical devices. Over the next 15 years I designed Holter monitors, spirometers, operating room monitors and oximeters (I received a patent for that one…). After sitting in on hundreds of surgeries while working with anesthesiologists around the country, I realized I enjoyed being out of the office more than being in it. So…. Back to school for an MBA. Over the next 20 or so years in high tech, with a focus mostly on data management and analytics, I worked in consulting, sales, product marketing, business development and product management. I worked for startups, midsize and mega companies. And then in 1995, I was done (pretty much…).

Meanwhile, Esther and I had been living in Brookline MA. We loved our condo but we really wanted our own yard, so in 1986 we moved to Concord MA. In 1989 our son Ari was born and in 1994 along came our daughter Hannah. Our house was always filled with music and we all sang along with everything from kid songs to Billy Joel and Bruce. Maybe it’s because of that, or maybe it was in their genes, but both kids had starring roles in multiple high school musicals. I have to say it was cool, and weird, seeing Ari play Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls. He majored in music in college and has a beautiful singing voice. Ari’s married with two kids, living in Charlotte NC where he is currently the Director of Finance and Operations at the Fletcher School. Hannah is a multitalented artist who majored in sustainable food and farming and even farmed in India. Today she is a singer/songwriter living in Burlington VT and has a band called Honey & Soul. They’ve toured up and down the east coast and just released their first album Lady King.

Today, after being married for over 42 years, Esther and I are happy grandparents (though we wished our extended family lived closer). We’re still in the same house in Concord, though we’ve made a couple of additions. Esther is a certified nurse midwife, “catching” babies in Newburyport MA. She is also a Mohelet (Jewish ritual circumcision). In 1995 I left high tech and started a video production business called HHH Video. While I love helping businesses with marketing videos, my real passion is filming sons and daughters interviewing their parents and grandparents to preserve family histories and stories. I added media restoration to my business during the pandemic. I don’t just digitize, I restore the memories others recorded on all types of media, from film to video tapes to audio tapes to vinyl records and more. For fun I play tennis year-round, do woodworking in my shop, and tend to my small fruit tree orchard and raised bed gardens.

On a sadder note, many of you know about the 2019 murder of our niece Samantha Josephson when she mistakenly got into a car she thought was her Uber. It made international news and the trial was broadcast live on television, ending with a conviction and a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. My sister Marci and her husband Seymour created the WHATSMYNAME Foundation (https://www.whatsmyname.org/) to educate rideshare customers on how to be safe when using these services and to bring about changes in the ridesharing systems to make the services safer for both drivers and riders.

Stay Safe and Hopefully I’ll see you at the next reunion!