Not far from the 85th running of the Kentucky Derby way back in 1959, a beautiful bouncing boy, Jeff Greenberg was born. Yet, legend has it he was so ugly the doctor slapped his mother (credit Rodney). With his father in the military, Kentucky was Jeff’s first stop on his eventual way to Livingston where he settled into Collins School as a member of the third grade. His life’s journey has him bopping around New Jersey and currently living in Wayne, New Jersey with his wife Colleen, whom he married eleven years ago, and their canine friend Piper who they rescued five years ago.

These days, Jeff has notched a 37-year career originating mortgages and he estimates that during that time, he has had a hand in over 2,100 mortgages, many to first time buyers. He’s learned to work in the topsy turvy world of economic up and downturns and feels a satisfactory energy when he is able to help clients get themselves into a good position. He values checking back in with past clients and appreciates a return opportunity to assist them when the situation arises. And even in this milestone year, he does not intend to “retire” any time soon.

Jeff has had a lifelong passion for comedy with an emphasis on the many trailblazers of earlier times such as The Marx brothers, Jackie Mason, Henny Youngman and Rodney Daingerfield. It’s an interest that he has been able to take to the next level as he has been actively performing stand-up comedy for the last six years and currently performs in 8-10 shows per month.

As most do, he clearly remembers his first real “show”. It went well and it was at the Broadway Comedy Club in NYC, made possible by Robin Lakin, who is married to Jeff’s friend and our classmate Jeff Lakin. Robin herself is a comedian and produces comedy shows and it was she who got Jeff started. So now Jeff has a long list of different shows he does – regular, benefits, open mike, corporate and community shows and on and on. He manages a pretty regular schedule of gigs.

Like any performer, they usually have great nights, and everybody has a fun time. Jeff really enjoys that – its amazing to meet different people and he really likes the other comedians that he often works with. Then, some performances may not always hit the mark. Jeff says, thankfully, that does not happen all that often and understands that sometimes, it’s just not meant to be. And when it comes to developing new material, Jeff credits Colleen with being an effective sounding board with a usually reliable thumbs up or down. And Jeff tests out some jokes on his Facebook page so if you like what you see, he appreciates the “likes”.

On another front, Jeff is still very connected to his LHS friends including Dave Katz, Mitch Krueger, Jeff Lakin, Andy Wolfe, Barry Wolfe and Murray Woloshin. They have a long-standing tradition of a semi-annual card game for almost 10 years, and they are included in one of Jeff’s recent pictures above.

Jeff is always happy to connect with Livingston people, whether it be for business or for attending a comedy show. He is diligent about posting his events on Facebook (link below) and hopes to see you in the future.

For more information on Jeff’s performances, visit Facebook at this link—>Jeff Greenberg Facebook