Picture this: One day, you’re driving along the road and a Jeep Wrangler passes you by. Then, another Jeep with the top down and the driver is cranking out a tune and looks like she is having a lot of fun. Then another. And another. Before you know it, it’s a Jeep caravan 100 long. Look closely, because somewhere in that line you might find our classmate Jami Borst Wolff.

Back in 2018, Jami’s husband Chris picked up a Jeep for the family. They found it to be a lot of fun, so much so that in 2020, Jami got one too. It’s not uncommon for people, no matter what car brand they like, to customize their cars. Jeeps are certainly no exceptions, and neither is Jami. First thing she did was give it a name – Stormi – a tribute to the Jeep’s dark shade of gray and also because the Fleetwood Mac song “Storms” is on the top of her playlist. Stormi got a lift, literally being elevated nearly 3 inches. Bigger wheels and a conversion from a hard top to a soft top. Lettering, pinstriping. And the list goes on. Stormi was definitely a reflection of Jami – it is now her everyday car, replacing the Ford she previously drove.

Car Clubs have been around forever. Now, with Facebook and other social media sites, they are multiplied into the thousands. Jami found a bunch, joined some but the one that has become her main group is called “NEFL Jeep Girl Gang”, the NEFL identifying Northeast Florida. It’s an organized group with formal leaders and 522 members. The Jeep Girls participate in day trips to the beach, pool parties, local trails and sunrise to sunset excursions and camping trips. Some of their rides have been in support of charitable organizations. The best part of the group is the age range (20 to 65) and socialization. Dinners are frequent, weddings and other celebrations are common and often may include spouses, significant others and family. Great friendships have been formed.

And speaking of family, Jeep life is a family activity for all of Jami’s family. She and Chris travel all around Florida to attend big events like Jeepober Fest, Jeep Beach, Jeepin with Judd. Her four grandkids – Kyleigh 10, Kaleb 5, Finley 4 and Asher 1 all have a great time cruising around with the top down and Kaleb makes it a point to climb in and out of the window and foregoing the need for the door.

Getting off the road is the beauty of the Jeep. Jami and the club have had many adventures off-roading. At Jeepin with Judd, Jami noted that there were some pretty intense trails and she’s never afraid to try new things but only if they’re safe and legal. Well close to legal. Jami admits to the one time she was stuck in traffic and in order to get out of it, she drove over a curbed median. Hey. If you can, why not once in a while, right?

There’s a lot more about the Jeep world that’s a lot of fun and that list could get quite lengthy. Suffice it to say, Jami and Chris have a ton of fun with it. So, if you’re ever around Jacksonville where the family lives, keep your eyes open for Stormi. She’d be the one with her name on the side, a lot of purple accents, the doors off and if you’re not sure it’s Jami or not, then check out her top. She likes to drive with it off. (Oh not that “top” silly, the top on the Jeep!)