First off – thanks Mr. Hauser – Appreciate you connecting people through Facebook and this on-going Classmate Spotlight. But I do miss the Toady Times!

Currently, I live in Park City, Utah with my wonderful wife Julie. We have been here for the last 7 years. It’s a really special town filled with all the best nature has to offer. Our daughter, Lucia, is a Junior at Columbia College in NYC and really loves school and all the city has to offer. And of course, our Great Dane, Leon!

After college at the University of Delaware I moved to NYC. Like most new arrivals I bumped around in many crappy apartments for several years. Luckily, I was mentored by Joe Menza ‘LHS73 (Gina Menza’s ‘LHS78 older brother) in film editing and feature trailer editing. I knew nothing about it but loved it from the start. I started editing little films for some of the clubs in NYC and was offered a job at MTV. I worked on and off for MTV for most of my career.

After living in NYC for about 10 years I moved to Venice Beach CA. There I worked creating, producing, and directing TV and Film and met my wife and settled down for about 20 years in Venice by the beach!

I was fortunate enough to accomplish a lot in the business and co-owned a few companies, the latest being “Top Dead Center Films” a film company out of Utah. Julie, my wife, is also my business partner and writer and producer. I have met some fascinating people along the way and do not regret the bumpy journey of entertainment I chose. I still enjoy writing screenplays and directing and can’t really see retiring.

Two interesting things recently: we are producing some bi-lingual films (Spanish/English) so I have been studying Spanish for the last couple years. Darn, it’s hard! I went to Spain a few times to an immersion school in Malaga – but it’s a challenge and I’m determined to become fluent.

Also, in Park City we live in a rural area on top of a mountain. I was not the handiest Guy in fixing things (sorry Jim Groome, I know you tried.) And after a few early meltdowns, I have been learning a lot about machinery, woodworking, forestry, and how to fix basic things and while I’m not exactly Jewmiah Johnson I am a lot better than I was! Also, free tip – if you’re looking for a “how-to” video, YouTube is amazing!

We have a barn, snowmobiles, and even a tractor named Charlie (some of you may have known Todd but we sold that one for a smaller one). I’ve become a pretty good skier and a crappy golfer. I travel a lot to LA, NY, and Europe for work. I have kept in touch with some High School and College friends – which I find more and more important to stay connected with as we get older.

It’s been fun reading how my classmates are doing. Such interesting and diverse lives, careers, families, and hobbies. I think Livingston gave us all a good start in life and I hope we all continue our journeys happily and healthy – we have a lot of living left to do!

Wishing you all the best!

Hopefully will have a chance to connect with you all soon! Take care of yourselves and your family.

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