I’ve never done anything especially noteworthy, nor made any significant achievements in any one area of great importance. I’m not sure I’ll ever be a successful adult, but I am definitely a happy kid, still finding my way, and growing into my own…. Call me a late bloomer!

However, I’ve run Marathons at Disney World. Hiked many beautiful places all over Israel, and this country. Ridden my bicycle all over the east coast of Spain, and number of great rides around the US. Skied many great areas in Colorado, Utah, British Columbia, New Mexico, The Adirondacks, and New England. Been scuba diving all over Israel, Egypt, the Cayman Islands, Hawaii, and the Florida Keys. Went windsurfing on many lakes in around Boston, Scottsdale, Lake Havasu, Lake Michigan, The Ponds in Palm Springs, paddled among pods of dolphins in Naples, Daytona, Edisto Island, seen lots of alligators paddling in many of the great swamps like Okeefenokee, and learned whitewater Kayaking up on the Ottawa River. Been camping at some great vintage car races and performed Disc Dog shows at Campbell Field and other community events. Practicing yoga has taught me about the value of living in the present, and making the most of each day, one day at a time as the future is not promised. Keep breathing.

My newest physical activities include weight training, and league bowling. I’m still running, but not the impressive 10-to-15-mile fun runs I was doing before Covid hit. I’m still good for 4 to 5 miles and working my way back to the double digits.

I’ve learned about beekeeping in Texas, worked on a dairy goat farm, done some amazing horseback riding events…. It’s been a fantastically fun and varied life of experiences!

All have been shared with Friends, Family, the people who mean the world to me! I am super fortunate to have a set of first cousins who several have always looked out for each other. And then there is my younger brother. While almost 5 years younger, he grew up faster, and as a result he has been a strong stabilizing force in my life for a long time when life for me was especially tough. He has traveled the world, is fearless in most of life’s trickier situations, his superpower is he can connect and communicate. I’ve been so fortunate to have lifelong friends, and even luckier to have reconnected with friends who we’ve fallen out of touch with because life can be that way.

I live to find F-U-N no matter what the situation in life presents.

I’ve tried various things, met many really excellent people along my journey and quite a few have made huge contributions to the quality of my life. I’ve lived in a few places around the country, Boston Massachusetts, Phoenix Arizona, Chicago, Illinois, and I’m still here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania going on 25 years!

Even the few not so positive experiences I’ve endured have contributed to improving how I find fun and peace with each day I get in this life. I seem destined to lead a solo life (neither of my two marriages were healthy relationships) but I never seem to be alone.

Call it an attitude for gratitude!

I loved all the avenues I put my efforts into. Software development, testing, and customer support. That was where my career began, but the rapid changes seemed to leave me in the dust, and I wanted more than life in front of a computer screen or circuit board around the time I turned 33. I pursued the building trades: carpentry, painting, drywall, trim, and eventually I got taken on as an apprentice in electrical contracting. It was a perfect mix of science, technology, physical and mental abilities. I became a licensed electrical contractor and loved every job I had the privilege to work on in my 20 years in the field.

In between the 2 major careers, I had a small windsurfing business out in Arizona during the 80s, went to a fantastic healing arts school and had my own massage and wellness business during the 90s, and opened an indoor dog training center using non force training methods in 2008.

I had adopted a dog who was aggressive and fearful and the idea of ‘showing her who was boss’ as a training method only made her more dangerous. I’ve had dogs most of my adult years, and in 2004 finally made the plunge into volunteering with dog rescue and placement. That difficult dog named Niki transformed my life! Because of this dog I met, and read, and studied some of the most amazing animal behaviorists from all around the world! I not only learned about reaching an animal’s mind using kindness, patience, and respect, but also learned how to use the same concepts to improve myself and how I relate to others. It opened my mind and heart to working harder at understanding human social psychology and human nature.

For 11 years K9Jym was the one of the largest indoor dog training centers in the Philadelphia area. The facility hosted dog sport classes and competitions in the areas of Agility, Flyball, Rally, Ball Herding, Disc Dog, Obedience, and Conformation. The center also had special events like Puppy Bowls and working with behaviorally challenged dogs. Unfortunate personal events caused me to close the facility at the end of 2019 after the passing of my mom, and the breakup with the person I was married to. But the silver lining was when Covid brought the world to a standstill, my business was already closed and that saved me from certain financial collapse.

Since then, I’ve not decided whether to consider myself ‘retired’ or just enjoying being a happy and free ‘bum’. With my love of the water sports, I like to travel around with my paddle boards and kayaks exploring the amazing waterways!

My newest young dog, Jackie Gleason, is the first dog I’ve raised from a puppy. What a fabulous experience this has been! All my previous dogs were strays, rescues, or giveaways, and most were between the ages of 2 and 8 by the time they made their way into my life. Gleason is a pup who I gave careful consideration to who the breeder was, and her methods of selecting parents with emphasis on excellent health and temperament. The breeder I selected happened to breed Border Collies, so I have my very first Border Collie after years of having Australian Shepards (and mixes). He is my awesome travel companion and we have been active in the sport of DiscDog since he’s been 6 months old!

My days are filled with adventure, trying new things in art, music, sports, and the time I can share with great friends.

Most recently, I’ve become an avid dumpster diver, in search of scrap metal to recycle. I like it for the idea of making a difference in what goes into our landfills, and the hunt for the more valued recycling materials like copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel, and motors makes it a neat challenge.
But I still like getting a carload of regular ferrous metals. It only brings me $30 but still it makes me feel good.
My goal for now is to get myself a big sprinter van to collect my recycle stuff to make money locally, but to use the van when traveling on the road with Gleason and learning more about finding loads to transport as I head to wherever I’m going to help pay my way.

Whether I am looking back or looking forward, I love where I’ve been and look forward to where I’m going. I am so very glad to have been able to share the journey with friends as far back as nearly fifty years, starting in Livingston.