Sometime in the last decade, when Facebook was just getting started, Cindy had an idea to start a Facebook Group for our Class of 1977. And it was a good idea as these days, the group is close to 400 people and became the conduit for many connections over the years. Cindy herself has really enjoyed these connections especially with people that she only tangentially (or not at all) knew from LHS and now have become close friends.

After Cindy paid her overdue school library fines, she picked up her high school diploma from the school office and headed out into the real world. First stop was Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania where she roomed with fellow LHS classmate Laurie Kuhn. In 1981, after transferring to Kean College, she graduated with a BS in Political Science and Public Administration. The next few years included stints at Equitable Life, St. Barnabas Medical Center and AT&T. Horizon Blue Cross-Blue Shield was her work home for the next 18 years working as an Operations Manager. And then one day, one of Cindy’s co-workers said “I know a guy (her brother-in-law, actually) that I would like you to meet”. That led to a blind date.

That guy was Joe, and now Cindy and Joe have been married for 35 years. Accompanying Joe was his then seven-year-old son, Conor and then within a year, son Matthew and seven years later Griffin joined the family. They settled in Dover, New Jersey (Morris County) and did all the usual things boy parents typically do – soccer games, little league, school plays, etc. Cindy coached Challenger League baseball and is an avid New York Mets fan as well as the Kansas City Chiefs. She also loves to paint (watercolors, not houses, and a sample of her work is included in the photo collage). She was very focused on the community and is an active member of the First Memorial Presbyterian Church. In 1995, Joe ran for a position as Alderman and served on the Town Council for several years before stepping down for a job with the State.

After Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Cindy engaged in some part time work as teacher at the Chubb Institute, Dover Business College and The Berkely College with a focus on health insurance related functions such as CPT and ICD-9 Coding. Once the kids got a bit older, she returned to working full time and back to St. Barnabas Healthcare System as the Financial Clearance Center Manager where she was tasked with creating a system to clear patients and pre-register them prior to medical procedures and surgery for the four northern New Jersey hospitals operated by SBMC. This continued until 2009.

On top of all of this, Cindy herself ran and was elected Alderman in The Town of Dover, having conducted a very effective “knock on every door” campaign and defeated the incumbent by two votes. It was an opportunity to put her college studies to good use (since political science was, after all, her major). But as we all know, politics is a cut-throat and backstabbing world even in the local towns and Cindy was pleased to be able to serve her Ward ably for her one term.

Cindy’s folks had retired to Hilton Head in South Carolina and son Matthew attended the Savanah College of Art and Design giving Joe and her plenty of opportunities to head south for visits and play. Her sister Diane LHS ‘79 and brother Dave LHS ’82 both live in Hilton Head, as well.

As kids, both Joe and Cindy were avid skiers, but it wasn’t until about twelve years ago that they decided to give it a try together. It has become one of their favorite activities and has led to trips all over the United States and Canada. Just this year they enjoyed a three-week trip to Utah. They look forward to future trips to the Alps and perhaps Chile for some summer skiing. As part of Cindy’s 60th birthday, they drove cross country stopping along the way for memorable photos of landmarks and posted those photos on Facebook to chart their progress. And when in Tucson, Arizona, they visited with her roommate and our classmate Laurie Kuhn and had a blast.

And last but by no means least, are the grandkids. Two to be exact – Kayla who will be nine and Kieran who is four and Cindy describes them as “fabulous”. The rest of the family is doing great and Cindy and Joe look forward to continuing to enjoy retirement, skiing, traveling, friends, and connecting and re-connecting with years and years worth of friends, which includes people she met in 1976 while spending a summer in Wales as part of a student exchange program called Operation Friendship. Cindy also mentions with a smile that she has attended every LHS reunion and was on the planning committee for the 40th in 2017 and the 45th in 2022 and she certainly wants to see everyone at the 50th in 2027!