I thought about what to write here. It’s not easy with 45 years of ups and downs. A journey filled with side tours of adventure mixed with mainstream tours of pragmatic problem solving or vice versa. If someone were interested in my autobiography “in progress,” they would have found what needed to be read on LinkedIn or FB or any of the blogs or articles I keep publishing. If our paths aligned, perhaps we meet at a conference or business excursion. For those handful of “friends for life”? Well, they know a whole bunch already.

So, what might be fitting for those grappling with the pronunciation of my name during name tag searches? Could our common ground be found in exploring what binds this class of ’77 matrix together? Perhaps it’s the identical rhythm of life we share—moving through time at the same speed, in the same century. Now, that’s an exciting thought worth writing about. 

Over the years, I combined Medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Mediation, Integrated Coaching, and Therapist work into a basket of persistent learning. I think I got the order right; yup, one theme per decade… My professional profile mirrors the same trajectory, traversing two continents and four countries. That more or less summarizes what I have been up to over the past few decades. 

Family? Indeed! Proud as a rooster in the morning sun. I have three healthy men I can call my boys. Three healthy sons grace my life, making every step of my journey worthwhile. Their children, wives, and vibrant lives orbit mine with joy and ambition, urging me to keep what works and discard what should have but never did work out.  

A 25-year marriage ended in failure, followed by seven years of inconsistent space. But that gave room to the best version of Friendship I can think of. My parents recently passed, leaving me the leader of the pack.

I imagine most of us have similar stories, and I look forward to reading some of those stories on this platform. But back to my original thought. We all share these short 90/100 years of living time. Short but Still an action-packed time. We share the post-woodstock 70s, Duran Duran 80s, Springsteen 80s, 90s…….. The internet, 911, AIDS to COVID. Who managed to get tickets to Springsteen on Broadway at the St. James Theatre? I think these and similar situations are the binder holding the class of 77 matrix together. 

Now, as we approach our next hurdle, ‘Retired.’ is becoming an issue worth a paragraph or two.  I think the word is wrong; at least half is outdated. The New Oxford Dictionary describes it as the prefix re- (“back”), + verb tirer (“draw, pull”). I’d keep the first part but update the second to “boot.” Why? Congratulations to some brilliant us generation researchers; we’ve propelled aging into uncharted waters, reshaping norms as we speak. We not only are witness to this transformation but also have the privilege of shaping the next 100 years with our actions. With what? With time, with our living time and what we do with it.

I hope many of us understand the difference between re-tired and re-boot. I am looking forward to rebooting my time, productively sharing, learning, and acknowledging that there is a lot out there I don’t know yet and am ready to ingest.

I want to leave this thought with all of us. No fears, no regrets. Let’s leave behind fears and regrets, eagerly embracing the change that defines us. For the first time, our generation keeps pace with the world, pushing boundaries just as we did in our earlier years. We are poised to redefine the very concept of age. Go Lancers !