To say that LHS changed my life is certainly true. While there, I attended a photography class (with the wonderful Mr. Bast) and took photos for the yearbook. And that, as they say, was the beginning of something special. After graduation I attended Kent State University in Ohio and majored in Photography.

KSU was incredible in so many ways. Besides getting a great education, I made lifelong friends and met my future husband there. After graduation I made my way back to New Jersey and Bob followed. We both hit the pavement in NYC finding our first jobs out of college. Not long after getting an apartment in Queens (we couldn’t afford NYC or even Hoboken!) Bob and I got married. The only thing to mar this wonderful time in our lives was the passing of my brother, Mark, who died as a result of a motorcycle accident.

In NYC, I worked in film labs, then for a fashion photographer, had a four year stint as a photographer for Christie’s (the art auction house), and then landed a job as a food photographer for Nabisco at their headquarters in E. Hanover. We moved to Summit, which became our home for 20 years.

Working as a photographer for Nabisco was incredibly fulfilling and I loved my job. I was at there for almost 20 years and eventually managed the photography department, consisting solely of men. In my years as a commercial photographer I rarely came in contact with other women in the industry. I hope things have changed by now.

Bob worked for the cruise industry and cruising became part of our lives. We adopted our son, Lee, at birth, and he was brought up cruising as well. As our son got older we switched from large ships to smaller vessels. Those vessels with 100 passengers instead of 5,000 passengers suited us much better. Traveling to other parts of the world gives us enjoyment and we hope to continue to travel well into the future. We are looking forward to a French River cruise this spring.

About 15 years ago, Bob was asked to transfer to Fort Lauderdale. We thought about it for about 2 seconds and said “yes”! While we loved Summit, we were tired of the cold winters. Our son, then in high school, was less enthusiastic. We left our beloved New Jersey for the Florida sunshine. After researching schools, we settled in Parkland, where the school system rated high. After Lee graduated, his high school would become the home of one of the worst mass school shootings in our country’s history.

After moving to Florida, I started my own company Ready, Set, Move Group. We offer a wide variety of services to those who are moving: staging, sorting, packing, packing, & organizing. My love of helping people, creating beautiful spaces, and my obsession with organizing led me to this line of work. It’s incredibly satisfying work, especially when helping older adults.

While I love living in South Florida, I miss New Jersey where I still have good friends and family (although thankfully my mom moved to Florida to be closer to me), and where you can get to NYC in a heartbeat. I miss the curvy hilly roads and the variety of beautiful older homes. I miss spending weekends down the shore on our boat. I may enjoy living in Florida but I’m Jersey girl at heart.

Many LHS classmates may remember my mom as a History Teacher at LHS.  She was recently immortalized in a recent Harlan Coben (LHS ’80) short series on Amazon Prime entitled “Shelter”.  Should you have watched or will watch, please let me assure you that my mom is not as creepy as portrayed in this thriller. 

Growing up in Livingston was pretty idyllic for me and I’d like to dedicate this biography to my Falcon Road next door neighbor and best friend, Bev Garzon, who tragically passed away in 2023. Our yearbook quote to each other says it all: “You really are my best friend”.