Classmate Spotlight

  • Coaching, Fitness, Cars, History, Horses, Dogs, Parenting, Family

    Looking back on my LHS days, I have fond memories and feel fortunate that I met several lifelong friends. [Read More]

  • “Well, You Never Know”

    When Michael contacted me about contributing a Classmate Spotlight, my first thought was, “My life hasn't been 1/10th as [Read More]

  • "Take My Wife, Please”

    Not far from the 85th running of the Kentucky Derby way back in 1959, a beautiful bouncing boy, Jeff [Read More]

  • “Baseball – and life - has been berry berry good to me”

    In order to appreciate the whole story and to set the stage, it is necessary to begin by recalling a [Read More]

  • “Art is a line around your thoughts.” – Gustav Klimt

    Preschool in Brooklyn Although born in East Orange, NJ, where my Mom worked as a nurse pre-marriage, my early [Read More]

  • Education is Fundamental

    I lived in Livingston for only four years, a small fraction of one’s existence, yet it influenced my life’s trajectory [Read More]

  • Come Aboard, Matey

    If you ask Scott Lampe about what he loves about living in San Diego, he’s most likely going to [Read More]

  • Sophie's Voice

    It's hard to believe that it's been over four decades since we graduated from the familiar halls of Livingston [Read More]

  • Another Monumental Graduation Coming Up. Then What?

    I thought about what to write here. It's not easy with 45 years of ups and downs. A journey [Read More]

  • Never Letting Grass Grow Under Her Feet!

    Hello old friends!  After Graduation, I stayed close to Livingston attending Katharine Gibbs Secretarial/Liberal Arts School in Montclair. I [Read More]

  • On Your Mark!…Get Set!...GO!

    After High School I initially attended Fairleigh Dickinson University where, as ridiculous as it may sound, I received an [Read More]

  • Luces! Cámara! Acción!

    First off – thanks Mr. Hauser – Appreciate you connecting people through Facebook and this on-going Classmate Spotlight. But I [Read More]

  • One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    To say that LHS changed my life is certainly true. While there, I attended a photography class (with the [Read More]

  • All Aboard, the Livingston to South Florida Connection is Now Boarding

    Many times, the impromptu events of life are some of the most rewarding. Such is the case with an impromptu [Read More]

  • What A Ride!

    I’ve never done anything especially noteworthy, nor made any significant achievements in any one area of great importance. I’m not [Read More]

  • Art and Music - a Lifestyle!

    Upon our graduation in 1977 I became a freshman at the New Jersey Institute of Technology enrolled in their [Read More]

  • “Rud, call Lynn Monica”

    Editor’s Note:  This is a spotlight with several parts involving two classmates.  It may be a tad longer than [Read More]

  • Another Word from Our Valedictorian

    It was 1977 the last time our class valedictorian Laura Fisher spoke to us as a group. Now, 46 [Read More]

  • Attitude of Gratitude!

    I’ve had many different roles in a handful of different companies and I have a beautiful family, but maybe I [Read More]

  • Legends Aren’t Born, They’re Made

    Picture this: One day, you’re driving along the road and a Jeep Wrangler passes you by. Then, another Jeep with [Read More]

  • New Jersey and You: Perfect Together

    It seems most everyone has a story that follows the same general pattern.  You finish school, but your first [Read More]

  • Around the World in 40 Years

    There is a new school of thought, where spending your entire career with one company has become rare.  Our [Read More]

  • East to West, North to South and All Points in Between

    Long before “bucket lists” were in vogue, Kathy Kramer had a goal in mind: To visit all 50 states and [Read More]

  • Moving Panama Forward

    “Are you sure? Really?” my husband asked me in 2013. “You really want to retire to Panama?” “Yes, I’m [Read More]

  • Delivering Critical Resources

    Helping Share Resources for Mental Health and Substance Use has been Lisa Rosenberg Sutton’s mission.  In accomplishing this, she [Read More]

  • Art Makes Everything Better

    Our classmate Judi Nemecek remembers with a smile her introduction to the world of art at Heritage Jr. High [Read More]

  • A Life Committed to Protecting Survivors

    Two weeks after graduating from Clark University Jessie Mindlin set off on a cross-country adventure, hitchhiking across Canada (with [Read More]

  • Advocacy as a Mission

    If you know Lynn Nagin Wolfson, then you know that she is not one to let a challenge of [Read More]

  • Enjoying Nature

    On 73.5 acres in Franklin, New York, Delaware County, the Brandt family, Doug and Laurie with their 5 young adult [Read More]

  • Anita Kinney
    In the News

    Anita Yeomans Kinney has dedicated her career to cancer care delivery, research and addressing health disparities, and as an [Read More]

  • Tim Braun
    In the News

    Tim Braun was a lead detective in solving a vexing serial crime involving a hospital nurse killing patients in [Read More]